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Virus-infected emails rarer

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Internet Security Threat Report 2014

Email security is improving among small businesses, according to VIA NET.WORKS.

The hosting provider notes the number of infected emails is dropping, despite a rise in new viruses.

Small businesses have often been blamed for proliferating viruses, usually because many lack security expertise.

Earlier this year a survey by the Bank of Scotland found that 37 per cent of UK small firms were being badly hit by spam and viruses, with a further one in fifty businesses losing over £10,000 per year as a result.

This latest report will therefore be good news for small businesses apprehensive about the dangers associated with IT security.

Nick Callaghan, managing director at VIA UK, said, "Latest figures show that virus-infected emails continue to drop. This month saw one in 60, down from one in 55 the previous month, and one in 10 in March.

"Despite this fall, average numbers of new viruses being created continue to rise. This suggests that SMEs' security defences must be getting stronger."

However, VIA is advising that businesses remain vigilant and minimise the risk of infection by creating multiple layers of defence.

VIA has compile the following advice for small businesses:

  • Screen emailed viruses at the internet gateway by subscribing to your service provider's virus scanning service.
  • Educate staff as to the dangers of opening suspect email attachments
  • Ensure you have up to date virus protection software. Mobile and home workers are most vulnerable as they are often the last to have their systems updated.

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Internet Security Threat Report 2014

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