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This month's featured dozen from the Reg Mobile Shop is led by the Nokia 6310i (pictured) which we can offer readers at the discounted autumn price of 242.03 inc VAT. And if a new mobe doesn't tickle your fancy, there's plenty more where that came from. Read on:

The Nokia 6310iNokia 6310i (Silver) Tri-Band + Bluetooth – Handset Only
Fantastic Value! Tri-band model from Nokia - whether you land in London or Los Angeles, Sydney or Seattle, the Nokia 6310i keeps on working for you. The world phone works in three networks (EGSM 900 and GSM 1800/1900) and gives you coverage on five continents by choosing the best GSM network automatically - wherever you are. Price £205.98 (£242.03 inc VAT) – regular price £212.72 (£249.95 inc VAT).

3Com ADSL 11g Wireless Firewall/Router+FREE USB Adaptor
The 3Com® ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router combines an ADSL modem, router, 802.11g wireless access point, four-port switch, and firewall to enable up to 253 total (128 wireless) users to economically and securely share a single ADSL connection. For a short time, when you purchase the Router, you will also receive a 3Com 11g USB Adaptor. Price £66.08 (£77.64 inc VAT) – regular price £68.04 (£79.95 inc VAT).

HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC (English Version)
NEW - the best iPAQ yet! The h5550 (with 128MB RAM) offers integrated technology which includes wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Biometric security, removable battery, Secure Digital slot and Advanced power management. With broad choice of wireless capabilities - including integrated Bluetooth and WLAN 802.11b - you can access the internet, email, and corporate data wherever you are. Unique biometric fingerprint reader, VPN software, 64-bit and 128-bit WEP, F-Secure FileCrypto Data Encryption and Xcellenet Afaria device management provide enhanced protection for your device, information and wireless connection. Price £352.93 (£414.69 inc VAT) – regular price £361.66 (£424.95 inc VAT).

QTek 2020 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC (English) – Handset Only
New Tri-Band + Bluetooth Pocket PC!! The QTek Pocket PC is very similar to the O2 XDA II. The unit is a fully integrated voice enabled GSM/GPRS portable personal computing device that runs the phone edition of Windows Mobile 2003 and features a built-in VGA-resolution (0.3 megapixel) digital camera. Also features an SDIO slot, so you can use memory cards as well as other devices like Wireless LAN cards. This unit is unlocked - it can be used with any GSM network worldwide. This is an English language version. The QTek Pocket PC is designed to offer GSM and 'always on' high-speed GPRS network connectivity for Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 software applications. Price £329.30 (£386.93 inc VAT) – regular price £340.38 (£399.95 inc VAT).

Nokia 9210i Communicator – Handset Only
The big news is that you can get out of the office and take it with you. With the Nokia 9210i Communicator in your pocket, you have mobile e-mail, Internet, video, Sheet, Word Processor, calendar, fax and phone. All easy to use with a big, full-colour display. NB: Dual Band for use in Europe, Africa and Asia (GSM 900/1800). And the big news gets even better. The new Nokia 9210i Communicator is packed with new features that provide higher performance and more fun. It has bigger memory and a better Web browser supporting Javascript™. It has Flash Player, which supports Macromedia Flash, bringing you some big new entertainment possibilities. Price £305.27 (£358.69 inc VAT) – regular price £306.34 (£359.95 inc VAT).

Emtac iPAQ GPS Jacket
Fully compatible with the iPAQ h3600, h3700, h3800, h3900, h5400 and h5500 series Pocket PC. No software driver required, it works with most major GPS map software packages for the iPAQ. Features a CF slot for extra map data and an external antenna connector. Price £75.86 (£89.13 inc VAT) – regular price £81.66 (£95.95 inc VAT).

Acer n30 Pocket PC (English Version)
The Acer n30 Pocket PC features a Samsung 266MHz processor, 64MB RAM, an SD(SDIO)/MMC slot, Pocket PC 2003 Premium, a colour 3.5" transflective TFT screen and integrated Bluetooth. At this price its a superb value PDA with all the features and quality of more expensive units. The n30 features a myriad of multimedia applications like a voice dictionary (Text To Speech technology) and Microsoft® Office® handheld suite. PIM (Personal Information Management) made simple and catered for with an Address Book, Date Book, Clock, To Do List and Memo Pad. Price £132.31 (£155.46 inc VAT) – regular price £136.13 (£159.95 inc VAT).

Nokia 8910i – Handset Only
This dual-band, titanium-encased phone in a sleek black finish features a high-resolution colour display and is the very best phone available in the world today. It supports Bluetooth, GPRS and MMS on GSM 900 or 1800 networks. Price £330.30 (£388.12 inc VAT) – regular price £340.38 (£399.95 inc VAT).

palmOne Treo 600 Smartphone – Handset Only
The best tool available for e-mail on the move! The Treo 600 automatically configures itself for GPRS on all UK networks that provide the service, and offers quick configuration for many email services including BT Openworld right out of the box! With quad band support for worldwide use, there is no better tool for email on holiday or on a business trip. Now you can use just one device—instead of many—to get it all done. The Treo 600 seamlessly combines a full-featured mobile phone and Palm OS organiser with wireless applications like email, text messaging, web browsing and even a digital camera. And you get it all in one device that's so small it fits right in your pocket. Price £316.69 (£372.11 inc VAT) – regular price £323.36 (£379.95 inc VAT).

Nokia D211 GPRS WLAN Card
GPRS and Wireless LAN in one PC Card! The Nokia D211 is a multimode radio card for your compatible portable computer that enables network access through GPRS, HSCSD, or Wireless LAN networks. Note: These cards are supplied with 12 month manufacturers warranty. In a wireless LAN network you can get up to 11 Mbit/s speed, which is suitable for large file downloads, reading emails with attachments, viewing video from an internet page, or for mobile video conferencing. Within wireless LAN coverage you can do the same things as with fixed LAN in your office or home ADSL. Wireless LAN networks are currently available in selected airports, Internet cafés, hotels, ski resorts, and company offices. Price £97.56 (£114.63 inc VAT) – regular price £102.94 (£120.95 inc VAT).

CoPilot Live Pocket PC 4 CF GPS Special Edition (UK)
Detours, distractions and delays? CoPilot Live will handle those safely and efficiently, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. This version features a CF GPS unit and the award winning ALK co-pilot voice navigation software with Navtech map data. This is a special edition for sale with the iPAQ h2210 only. Points-of-Interest tailored to the way you live and work…a safe and customizable interface…detailed speech…wireless connectivity. All of this brought together in a GPS navigation system that tells you what you need to know, when you want to know it. Price £148.36 (£174.33 inc VAT) – regular price £153.15 (£179.95 inc VAT).

HP iPAQ h2210 Pocket PC (English Version)
The small and sleek HP iPAQ Pocket PC h2210 has the optimal combination of features, performance, and expandability that allow individuals and mobile professionals use of their pocket pc seven days a week – at home, at work, and on the go. A broad range of features, Bluetooth™, expansion capabilities and multimedia make the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h2210 essential for you to communicate, access and manage information when you want. Features integrated Bluetooth, a CF Type II slot and an SD slot that supports SD/SDIO/MMC. Also includes a removable battery, 64MB RAM and a 400MHz Intel Xscale Processor. Price £192.83 (£226.57 inc VAT) – regular price £195.70 (£229.95 inc VAT).

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