How to succeed with open source

Discounted guide for IT managers

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Site Offer Modern IT managers face many daunting challenges, including relentless pressure to cut costs and the unending demand for innovative solutions.

To meet these seemingly disparate goals, IT organizations are increasingly investigating the use of open source software for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. However, myths about open source software persist, for example, that it runs only on Linux or that it is not stable enough for demanding production environments. Dispelling those myths, leading companies such as Amazon and Google rely on open source software - many more companies will make the switch in forthcoming years.

Succeeding with Open Source is the first book written specifically for IT managers who must evaluate, select and use open source software. The author begins with the fundamentals of open source solutions and how they differ greatly from commercial software. He then introduces the Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM), an invaluable resource for assessing open source products for their production readiness.

Highlights include:

  • Assessing open source business models
  • Managing risk, including licensing issues
  • Evaluating and selecting open source software
  • Locating and assessing technical support, training, and documentation resources

Whether you are an IT manager or a consultant responsible for advising clients, this book is a must to assist you in steering a clear course through the open source sea. The Reg readers receive a saving of £9.30 - making the full price (including p&p to the UK and Europe) just £21.69.

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