It's SQL, but not as you know it

Save a whopping 50% on definitive MySQL guides

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Site Offer With more than four million active installations, MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database. Known for its speed, high reliability, and ease of use, MySQL is rapidly becoming a low-cost alternative to high-priced, high-maintenance database systems.

This week The Register has scooped an exceptional and exclusive offer ... for Reg readers only. For the next two weeks you can get your hands on the complete set of definitive guides from MySQL Press, for just £58.25, that's 50 per cent off – a saving of £58.25.

Written by the creators of MySQL and other highly respected MySQL authors, The complete set of definitive guides from MySQL Press is the only complete guide to learning, teaching and the day-to-day use of MySQL.

Whether you are a novice MySQL-er or an experienced user, this pack covers the lot. The pack comprises four key MySQL Press books:

  • MySQL Tutorial.
    A clear, concise tutorial on the basics of MySQL - the most popular open-source database in the world.
    Who is it for? All MySQL users.
    What does it do? The official MySQL Press guide to MySQL. Guides the reader through the fundamentals of using, programming and administering MySQL databases.
  • MySQL Language Reference.
    The official reference guide to the MySQL 5.0 language and APIs.
    Who is it for? Designed for database administrators and programmers.
    What does it do? Clearly explains every part of the MySQL 5.0 language and currently available API.
  • MySQL Administrator's Guide.
    The official guide to installing, administering, and working with MySQL 5.0 and MySQL databases.
    Who is it for? Designed for a broad, non-technical audience.
    What does it do? Non-programmers and programmers alike will be able to quickly get up-to-speed with MySQL using the clear instructions, examples, and tips provided in the book.
  • MySQL Certification Study Guide.
    THE official guide to passing the two MySQL certification tests-Core Certification and Professional Certification.
    Who is it for? This book is THE fastest, most reliable way for MySQL users to prepare for either of the MySQL tests.
    What does it do? The MySQL certification demonstrates a base level of skills for database users, administrators, and programmers.

Order The complete set of definitive guides from MySQL Press now from The Reg bookshop with a huge saving of 50% off and free UK and Europe p&p!

But, the savings don't end there - we've got a host of other MySQL titles, all with 30% off:

To browse or buy the other great discounted titles available to Reg readers, simply click on any of the links below:


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