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Site Offer Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are advanced operating systems. Therefore, you need a book that's just as advanced, enter ... Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux

This book explains Linux clearly and effectively, with a focus on the features YOU care about - including system security, Internet server setup and sharing files and printers with Windows systems. Best-selling Linux author Mark Sobell starts at the beginning and walks you through everything that matters, from installing Fedora Core using the included CDs to GNOME, KDE, Samba 3, sendmail, Apache, DNS, NIS, and iptables.

Along the way, you learn the hows and the whys of the operating system. Whether you are a user, an administrator, or a programmer, this book gives you all you need and more. Mark Sobell knows every Linux nook and cranny, has taught hundreds of thousands of readers, and never forgets what it's like to be new to Linux.

This comprehensive and well-written tutorial on installing, configuring, and using Red Hat Linux is is available to The Register readers for just £27.99 a saving of £12 (30%).

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