Get up to speed with MS Windows Server 2003

Delta guide at 30% off

Site Offer Why should a new versions of mission-critical technologies mean starting from scratch? If you already know how to use Microsoft Windows Server 2000 or NT, leverage those skills to quickly become an expert on Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide skips the basics and moves straight to the crucial stuff - what's new and what has changed. The result? You save time and money while preparing yourself for the next generation of Microsoft Server.

Focus on learning advanced new technologies, techniques, and concepts. Use topic-focused chapters to quickly upgrade the skills you use the most. See important security changes that can affect server upgrades. Master new techniques for installing, administering, and securing servers. Build headless servers using Emergency Management Services. Take advantage of powerful new Group Policy capabilities.

This comprehensive guide covers all the new features of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 including:

  • Sharepoint Services
  • Automatic Deployment Services
  • Identity and Integration Services
  • Security Configuration
  • and updates from the latest Service Pack.

Master Windows Server 2003 in just 300 pages at a great discounted price, £21.99 which saves you 30 per cent.

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