Developers' sneak peek at SQL Server 2005

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Site Offer Few technologies have been as eagerly anticipated as Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ("Yukon"). A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers gives you the benefit of three SQL Server insiders, delivering a definitive hands-on and preview which is accurate, comprehensive and packed with examples.

A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers starts where Microsoft's white papers and web articles finish, showing working developers how to take full advantage of Yukon's key innovations. It draws on exceptional cooperation from Microsoft's Yukon developers and the authors' hands-on access to Yukon since its earliest alpha releases.

You'll find practical explanations of Yukon's new data model, built-in .NET hosting, improved programmability, SQL-99 compliance, and much more. Key concepts are illuminated via sample code tested with Microsoft's public beta.

Whether you're already committed to SQL Server 2005, at evaluation stage or looking to set yourself apart from other SQL Server developers - The Reg bookstore has got the answers! Discounted by 30% (to £24.49) you can afford to treat yourself to one of our 4000 other hot titles too

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