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Site Offer With more than 4 million active installations, MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database. Known for its speed, high reliability, and ease of use, MySQL is rapidly becoming a low-cost alternative to the more widely used database systems from Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.

MySQL Certification Study Guide is the official MySQL Press guide to passing the two MySQL certification tests-Core Certification and Professional Certification.

The MySQL Core Certification is aimed at the database professional who wants proof of their ability in fundamental areas of SQL, data entry & maintenance and data extraction. The MySQL Certification test is designed for the advanced user who wants to prove their knowledge in such areas as database management, installation, security, disaster prevention, and optimization.

Both tests are thoroughly covered in the MySQL Certification Study Guide, which is just one of nearly 4000 titles Register visitors can purchase from the Reg bookshop - all with the unbeatable 30 per cent discount.

When it comes to MySQL Certification, this is THE GUIDE to give you the best chance of success!

Below we've selected just a handful of other recently released titles:

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    Written by Microsoft "insider" Rand Morimoto,
  • Oracle DBA Automation Quick Reference
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    The quick reference guide to Oracle DBA Scripting -- concise coverage of BOTH Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g! The perfect reference for the professional DBA on how to use Perl to automate database tasks
  • Core JavaServer Faces
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    This book provides a thorough tutorial and lasting reference for perhaps the most significant J2EE specification in recent memory.
  • DB2 Developer's Guide
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    This book provides the reader with a comprehensive reference and research tool for DB2 for the mainframe.
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    Secure your network for remote access with the only guide to the Cisco Secure Access Control Server.
  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi Wireless Networking
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    Learn how to use Wi-Fi, the technology that allows you to connect anywhere, anytime. Explains the do's and don't's of traveling with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop.
  • Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Excel 2003
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    Power users finally have a book to help them create user-friendly data analysis tools, powerful formulas, and timesaving lists with Excel!
  • Engineering the Complex SOC
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    This book outlines a new, essential methodology for developing SoC hardware and software using configurable, extensible processor technology as a unifying theme.
  • MySQL Tutorial
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30 per cent)
    A clear, concise tutorial on the basics of MySQL - the most popular open-source database in the world.
  • MySQL Certification Study Guide
    RRP £36.50 - Reg price - £25.55 - Saving £10.95 (30 per cent)
    The official guide to passing the two MySQL certification tests-Core Certification and Professional Certification.
  • Macintosh iLife 04, The
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    A unique DVD and book combo exploring the Macintosh as a desktop media studio-updated to include GarageBand and the latest versions of the iLife applications!
  • Little Mac Book, The, Panther Edition
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    With insights from football managers and business experts alike, the Tackle your management challenges pack contains three unique books that will give you the purpose, persistence and passion to take control of the way you do business and the way you live your life.
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