Shuttle shows Socket T SFF PCs

Bare bones, bare bones, dem bare bones...

Shuttle XPC SB81PTaiwanese small form-factor barebones PC specialist Shuttle this week said it was adding Intel's new i915G chipset - one of the Grantsdale family - to its XPC desktop line-up.

Two machines are getting the new chipset: the SB81P and the SB83G5 - the former the world's first SFF PC with a Socket T processor, Shuttle claims. Both models feature a new, heatpipe-based cooling system.

The SB81P includes a Silent X 350W power supply build into its new chassis, designed to support three 3.5in Serial ATA hard drives in order to allow users to configure the machine with the i915G's RAID support. There's a parallel ATA bus in there, too, for optical drives.

Shuttle XPC SB83G5The chipset also provides DirectX 9 graphics through Intel's Graphics Media Accelerator 900 engine, but Shuttle has still incorporated a PCI Express x16 slot for a dedicated graphics card.

Like the SB81P, the SB83G5 also features Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire/1394, four USB 2.0 ports, optical and coaxial audio I/O with the i915G's multi-channel surround sound support. Wireless connectivity is available via a plug-in WLAN module, the PN15.

The SB83G5 is powered by a 250W Silent X PSU. Shuttle did not provide prices for the models, but the SB81P is expected to ship for around $300/£165, we hear. ®

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