PDA bargains at The Reg Mobile Store

Plus discounted phones, GPS and MP3 kit

Reader offer For people on the move, The Register's Mobile, Wireless and PDA Store is offering readers the chance to pick up a PDA, mobile comms or MP3 bargain. Among the featured kit is the capacious Apple iPod 40Gb MP3 Player at £329.45 inc VAT, and - should you need to know exactly where it is you're listening to your Carpenters greatest hits compilation - then you can have the Fortuna GPSmart with Bluetooth connectivity for just £131.95 inc VAT.

Below is a full list of the currently discounted items, available for a limited period only. Prices include VAT:

  • Anextek SP230 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC - Everything that you could possibly need for the bargain price of £505.45. This Tri-band Pocket PC runs Microsoft Pocket PC Phone 2003 . Also featured is an SD/MMC/SDIO slot, 64MB RAM, GPRS and 64MB ROM
  • HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC - Features integrated Bluetooth, a CF Type II slot and an SD slot that supports SD/SDIO/MMC. Also includes a removable battery, 64MB RAM and a 400MHz Intel Xscale Processor. £217.45
  • Siemens S55 - Triband, Bluetooth, Colour! Incorporating MMS (Multi Media Messaging), Bluetooth technology and GPRS. £139.95
  • Palm Tungsten T - The cheapest PDA available! £129.45
  • Motorola MPx200 - The tri-band Motorola MPX200 combines the power of the desktop with Windows Mobile(tm) and "always at hand" convenience. £238.95
  • Ubinetics Wireless GC201 GSM Phone Card - PCMCIA mobile phone card that works in laptops and with the iPAQ. Just insert your SIM and have wireless access to your ISP. £58.95
  • Apple iPod 40Gb MP3 Player for PC + MAC - The ultimate fashion accessory. Now you can take your entire music collection AND large quantities of your personal data with you wherever you go. £329.45
  • Fortuna GPSmart (Bluetooth) - A Superb Value GPS with Bluetooth. £131.95
  • IBM MicroDrive 1GB - 1-Gigabyte IBM Microdrive opens new levels of functionality for next-generation pervasive computing devices. £109.45
  • Sony Ericsson T68i - Sony Ericsson's T68i is tri-band for use worldwide and features GPRS, Bluetooth and MMS capabilities. It has updated software and a new classy colour scheme which makes it stand out from just about any other phone in the world. £105.95

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