PDA bargains at The Reg Mobile Store

Plus discounted phones, GPS and MP3 kit

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Reader offer For people on the move, The Register's Mobile, Wireless and PDA Store is offering readers the chance to pick up a PDA, mobile comms or MP3 bargain. Among the featured kit is the capacious Apple iPod 40Gb MP3 Player at £329.45 inc VAT, and - should you need to know exactly where it is you're listening to your Carpenters greatest hits compilation - then you can have the Fortuna GPSmart with Bluetooth connectivity for just £131.95 inc VAT.

Below is a full list of the currently discounted items, available for a limited period only. Prices include VAT:

  • Anextek SP230 GSM/GPRS Pocket PC - Everything that you could possibly need for the bargain price of £505.45. This Tri-band Pocket PC runs Microsoft Pocket PC Phone 2003 . Also featured is an SD/MMC/SDIO slot, 64MB RAM, GPRS and 64MB ROM
  • HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC - Features integrated Bluetooth, a CF Type II slot and an SD slot that supports SD/SDIO/MMC. Also includes a removable battery, 64MB RAM and a 400MHz Intel Xscale Processor. £217.45
  • Siemens S55 - Triband, Bluetooth, Colour! Incorporating MMS (Multi Media Messaging), Bluetooth technology and GPRS. £139.95
  • Palm Tungsten T - The cheapest PDA available! £129.45
  • Motorola MPx200 - The tri-band Motorola MPX200 combines the power of the desktop with Windows Mobile(tm) and "always at hand" convenience. £238.95
  • Ubinetics Wireless GC201 GSM Phone Card - PCMCIA mobile phone card that works in laptops and with the iPAQ. Just insert your SIM and have wireless access to your ISP. £58.95
  • Apple iPod 40Gb MP3 Player for PC + MAC - The ultimate fashion accessory. Now you can take your entire music collection AND large quantities of your personal data with you wherever you go. £329.45
  • Fortuna GPSmart (Bluetooth) - A Superb Value GPS with Bluetooth. £131.95
  • IBM MicroDrive 1GB - 1-Gigabyte IBM Microdrive opens new levels of functionality for next-generation pervasive computing devices. £109.45
  • Sony Ericsson T68i - Sony Ericsson's T68i is tri-band for use worldwide and features GPRS, Bluetooth and MMS capabilities. It has updated software and a new classy colour scheme which makes it stand out from just about any other phone in the world. £105.95


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