Introducing the Iris50 supercompass

Top new kit for the adventurous reader

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Cash'n'Carrion We know how much our readers like their gadgets, so we've expanded the range of kit supplied by the ever-inventive Traser - the company which supplies the world's foremost atomic keyring.

The new gear comes in the form of the top-of-the-range Iris50 compass and the Extreme Krill Lamp, big brother of the best-selling battery-powered light stick:

That new Traser kit in full

According to the blurb, the Iris50 Compass is the "definitive night navigator. This incredible hand compass from Plastimo offers excellent value and has been specifically designed for use in any conditions, day or night. It is the chosen instrument of numerous military forces throughout the world as well as adventurers and travellers everywhere. They are highly accurate, extremely durable, lightweight, portable and compact, a must for the outdoor enthusiast."

So, if you're having trouble navigating your way around the server room, or are intending to tackle the North Atlantic in a bathtub, you'd better get yourself an Iris50 right now for £45.95 (£53.99 inc VAT).

Alternatively, if lack of illumination is your problem, then try the Extreme Krill Lamp which is "the ideal replacement for the chemical lightsticks you use once and throw away! Extreme Krill Lamp runs for over 50 hours per set of 2 AA batteries. It has a higher output, measuring at about 10.5 Fl with the 360° angle of viewing - approximately as bright as a chemical light stick after it has been activated for 1.5 hours. Good for marking and lighting small areas where light is needed in all angles."

Like finding the beer fridge during a power cut, for example. The Extreme Krill Lamp is available in blue, green and white for £16.59 (£19.49 inc VAT).

Both these examples of high technology working for you can be found right now in the Traser section of Cash'n'Carrion. ®


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