Last call for O'Really end-of-line stock

Get 'em while you can

Cash'n'Carrion We're running down stocks of two of our terrific O'Really range, so readers who'd like to get either a "Windows NT User Obliteration" or "BOFH in a Nutshell" model will have to move fast.

The BOFH apparel is available in medium, XL and XXL while there are just a few of the User Obliteration shirts left in medium. You can get them here for £12.76 (£14.99 inc VAT). They are being discontinued to clear the shelves for some exciting new O'Really offerings, tba soon.

And while we're on the subject of get-'em-while-you-can classics, the last batch of our best-selling limited edition "My job went to India and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" is currently making its way rapidly out of the warehouse door.

This full-colour transfer-printed masterpiece goes out at £14.03 (£16.49 inc VAT) and comes in all sizes from small to XXL. ®

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