Inova X-5 in blue, red and green

New LED colours for mother of all torches

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Cash'n'Carrion If you're looking for some form of illumination to see you safely home through the gloom of a British February evening, or possibly just looking forward to a Summer camping trip while struggling gamefully to work though the drizzle, then now is the time to arm yourself with the right equipment.

We at Cash'n'Carrion have just expanded our lovely range of torches, notably adding new LED colour options for the most excellent Inova X-5.

This top-of-the-range piece of kit is now available in anodised black with white LEDs, or titanium finish with blue, green or red LEDs at £38.25 (£44.95 inc VAT). Just to recap the bangs you get for your bucks, the X-5 is made of 2011 aircraft aluminium and features 5 LEDs pumping out 96 lumens/m2. It's virtually indestructible, waterproof to 150 feet and comes complete with 2 lithium 123a batteries offering roughly 20 hours illumination.

That's an awful lot of torch, to be sure. Another Inova goodie in store is the X-5's little brother - the X-1 - which offers a similar high spec. with a single white LED for £17.81 (£21.99 inc VAT). You can have it in any colour you like, as long as it's black - or titanium.

And for those who like their kit to be multi-functional, what about the Inova 24/7? This illuminatory entertainment system comes in yellow or camouflage case options, and its eight LEDs offer Low Output White, High Output White, Signal Strobe, SOS Signal, Night Vision Red, 3 Colour High Visibility, Distress Strobe, 2 Colour Emergency Beacon and Locator Beam functions.

True, it won't make the tea, but for £42.54 (£49.99 inc VAT), the 24/7 delivers tremendous value and clear white light for up to 75ft.

All of the above torches are available right now, right here. They are complimented by the monstrous 75,000 candlepower Streamlight Ultra Stinger and compact Traser PALight.

And, if you like your light source to be nuclear-powered, Traser are also responsible for the near-legendary GlowRing, shown here for your viewing pleasure with some of the other products listed above. Enjoy:

Some illuminating products at Cash'n'Carrion


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