Morse customers start spending again

Upbeat Q2 statement

Morse customers in the financial sector are at last flashing the cash again, returning to Europe's biggest Sun reseller for big infrastructure deals in its Q2.

This is good for morale and profits: however, the revenue mix is such that Morse margins are down
- there's less profit to be had in hardware prices than in services. And of course, customers expect hefty discounts on hefty projects.

Sales for Q2 ended December 31 2003, were £114 million (2002: £92 million) resulting in sales for the half year to 31 December 2003 of £187 million (2002: £185 million).

Services revenues in Q2 were £31 million (2002: £32 million) contributing to half year total of £58 million (2002: £57 million). Infrastructure revenues for Q2 increased to £83 million (2002: £60 million) resulting in a half year total of £129 million (2002: £128 million).

Morse releases its full interims, complete with balance sheet stuff and profits, on February 25. ®

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