US radio host attacks ‘blood sucking slobs’ in the music biz

Hendrie says good times are over

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Los Angeles radio giant Phil Hendrie recently attacked the music industry on its home turf, launching one of the fiercest assaults against the pigopolist mob to date.

Hendrie captains one of the largest radio shows in the U.S. and has recently started a new program that allows listeners to download and copy his show for roughly $7 a month. The subscription model is similar to that of many hosts that work for Premiere Radio Networks, including Hendrie, recovering "Hillbilly Heroin" user Rush Limbaugh and the repressed Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Premiere has long offered listeners the option of paying to stream the radio shows but has now opened up the model for downloads at the same price.

Hendrie used the introduction of the download service as a launch pad for an extensive spanking of the record labels, who have resorted to suing their customer base in the hopes of curbing illegal music file swapping.

"Right now the record (companies are) trying to figure out how they are going to keep themselves in cocaine and limousines and starlets and whatever else those guys do for a living," Hendrie said during a recent broadcast. "The recording business has, as they begin to finally fall apart, as they begin to deteriorate, as their business continues to go south, show(n) themselves for the slobs that they are.

"They are sueing kids. They show themselves ultimately for the blood-sucking slobs that they really are. They are suing some kid for two Gs because she downloaded an Anne Murray clip."

Hendrie was referring to a lawsuit filed earlier this year against Biggie Brianna - one of the most notorious 12-year-old file traders in the U.S.

"Anyway, the recording business, these guys are such bloodsuckers that as they slowly sink in the West they are going to squeeze every red cent out of you, out of me, out of everybody," Hendrie continued. "Your daughter, your niece, some little 13-year-old twerpy girl who is recording all the Christina Aguilera records, and she just loves Britney and she has burned her favorite song disc.

"She just wants to listen to her music, and there is some greedy blood-sucking slob at a record company that is going to sue her for two Gs. This is how desperate these guys are because the party is over, baby. The party is over. It's over, man. All the big money, all the big cars, all the big fun, it's done."

These harsh comments fell out of the scope of Hendrie's normal show. Hendrie relies on a schizophrenic approach to radio in which he takes on the role of both host and show caller and talks to himself. The fairly outrageous characters he takes on tend to prompt real callers to dial in and fight with Hendrie's personas. Fans of the U.K.'s Chris Morris will feel right at home with the satirical show.

The only truly accurate description of the program is the show itself. ®

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