Triumphant return of the atomic keyring

In blush pink, no less

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Cash'n'Carrion Well, there are only a couple of shopping months to go before Xmas offers a temporary respite from the relentless march of capitalism, so what better time to unleash on kit-hungry consumers a couple of additions to the legendary Traser GlowRing range?

The Traser GlowRing will glow for up to ten years without any external power source. It's visible from 20ft and comes in six funky colours - Green, Ice blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow and NEW Blush pink. Yup, that's right, not just any old pink, but blush pink. You can now get in touch with your feminine side and satisfy your lust for radioactive-gas-powered light sources at the same time. Terrific.

The Traser GlowRing sells for: Singles - £4.25 (£5.00 inc VAT), Packs of two - (One colour only) £8.51 (£10.00 inc VAT), Packs of six - (One of each colour) £22.13 (£26.00 inc VAT), Packs of twelve - (Two of each colour) £40.85 (£48.00 inc VAT) and Packs of 25 - (One colour only) £80.00 (£94.00 inc VAT).

Working on the principle that more is more, we are also offering the all-new big GlowRing X2, a critical-mass version of the GlowRing. It's available in Green, Ice Blue & Pink, as follows: Singles - £8.08 (£9.49 inc VAT), Packs of two - (One colour only) £15.31) (£17.99 inc VAT), Packs of three - (One of each colour) £20.42 (£23.99 inc VAT), Packs of six - (Two of each colour) £39.99 (£46.99 inc VAT).

Important: Due to international regulations regarding the transportation of atomic keyrings, we cannot accept orders for either GlowRing for shipping outside the UK. If you do order these products from outside Blighty, we just have to refund your order, you get no GlowRing and everybody's time is wasted. Please don't complain to us - contact your local nuclear regulatory authority and have it out with them.
Those illuminating new products in full
What we can, however, ship to anywhere in the world that boasts an operating postal service are our magnificent range of torches, now expanded to include the spectacular Inova 24/7. This all-singing, all-dancing illuminatory mothership packs its eight-function advanced LED microprocessor-controlled technology into a rugged casing measuring less than 3"x2"x1". The lamps can throw white light up to 75ft, offering two mile visibility. Alternatively, you can choose from Low Output White, Signal Strobe, SOS Signal, Night Vision Red, 3 Colour High Visibility, Distress Strobe, 2 Colour Emergency Beacon and Locator Beam.

Blimey. The mighty Inova 24/7 can be yours for just £42.54 (£49.99 inc VAT).

Rather more modest in spec, but no less impressive in performance is the Inova X-1, little brother of the blinding and popular Inova X-5. The X-1 offers a 65-ft throw of clear white light from a compact 10cm aircraft-grade aluminium body. It costs £18.71 (£21.99 inc VAT).

However, if you fancy really bashing the plastic, why not grab a Streamlight Ultra Stinger, the ultimate rechargeable torch. This 75,000 candlepower monster is contained in a 12-inch machined aluminium case and will run for up to an hour on one charge. Comes complete with AC adaptor and charger for £127.65 (£149.99 inc VAT). This beast is available right now at Cash'n'Carrion.

As indeed are all of the other products featured above, as well as the usual top-quality apparel and hardware you've come to expect from Cash'n'Carrion. Happy shopping.®


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