Logitech upgrades credit-card cam

Plus Verbatim's film reel-style recordable DVDs

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Logitech has updated its credit card-sized digital camera, the Pocket Digital, by upping the camera's native picture resolution from 640 x 480 to 1280x1024 and dropping the original's Autobrite light enhancement software in favour of a built-in strobe flash.

The result is a new model, the Pocket Digital 130 that retains the credit card length and width dimensions but is slightly thicker than the original.

Alas, Logitech hasn't seen fit to increase the camera's on-board memory or add an SD card slot to boost the camera's storage capacity further. The Pocket Digital ships with 16MB of RAM. That, says Logitech is enough for over 130 pictures taken at 640 x 480 or more than 40 at the camera's native 1.3 megapixel resolution. The previous version, with the same amount of memory, could hold just 52 640 x 480 images or the same number of larger pictures, interpolated up from that native resolution.

Like the earlier model, the 130's lens is revealed by sliding two halves of the camera body apart. The camera's built-in Lithium Ion battery is recharged through the USB cable used to transfer pics to a host PC. Logitech ships drivers for Windows 98 and up, and Mac OS X.

The Pocket Digital 130 is available now, retailing for around $150 in the US, and £99.99 in the UK.

DVD Media

Verbatim has followed up the release of its Digital Vinyl CD-R discs printed to look like 45rpm singles with recordable DVDs sporting a film reel look and feel.

Yes, it's a bit daft, but undeniably cute, too. Verbatim is shipping the Digital Movie DVDs in packs of three. Both DVD-R and DVD+R versions are available, the company said. Either format is designed for 1x to 4x recording speeds and hold up to 4.7GB of movie data.

Each disc comes in a large-format clear plastic jewel case so burned discs can sit one the shelf alongside all your other DVDs and VHS cassettes.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Digital Movie DVD-R and DVD+R media are expected to cost around $11.99 per three-pack and will be available in November. ®


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