Komplett brands punters ‘criminals’ after pricing cock-up

'Downright rude' company stays tight-lipped

Computer components etailer Komplett.co.uk has sparked a customer revolt after hurling insults at its punters.

One gobsmacked customer told The Register that Komplett has "branded me a criminal for taking them up on their offer to sell me a [graphics] card for £130 on their web site".

The argy-bargy started last week when Komplett advertised a Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 256Mb graphics card on its Web site for £130 (plus VAT). The product was also reportedly advertised at that price in a computer magazine.

Around 100 people jumped at the offer only to be told by Komplett that it was a mistake and should have cost nearer £400.

But instead of apologising for the mistake, Komplett emailed those concerned and said: "Due to unforeseen circumstance…or unsurpassed incompetence...a graphics card was shown on our website priced at £130 which should have actually been around the £400 mark.

"We are EXTREMELY proud of the genuine people who emailed and called informing us of the mistake and who gave us the invaluable advice that we might want to rethink the price. Our hats go off to you people, you know who you are!

"Unfortunately we also have those in society who like to take advantage of others' mistakes or misfortunes.

"The orders placed (and not shipped) for this card will not be honoured as this human mistake was an obvious one and we are sorry for any inconvenience Komplett caused by removing these orders," it said.

Another punter offended by Komplett's comments told us: "The email claimed that the price was a mistake, and that it was 'obvious'. It also contained an insult to the people who ordered the card. Apart from being very unprofessional, this was downright rude, and irritated those of us who had bought the card thinking it was a genuine offer."

No one at Komplett was available for comment at the time of writing. However, it's understood that a second email is due out soon, although there is no indication of what it might say or what new insults it might contain for all those who have dare speak up.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time Komplett's communication skills have been highlighted.

Eighteen months ago Komplett.co.uk cocked up the pricing of DRAM blaming it on "gross human error".

Declining to honour that transaction either, the company explained: "The person responsible has been hung, drawn and well and truly quartered. His parking space has been given over to the lunch lady and pension distributed among our warehouse staff." ®

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