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RIAA peace brigade speaks

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FoTW Re: The RIAA sees the face of evil, and it's a 12-year-old girl

A number of you out there - the vast majority - were troubled when the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of American) launched its legal attack against a child. Many of you even offered to pay the youngster's legal bill. Some other groups have stepped in on that front, and we suggest you contact them, if you would still like to chip in. That's not really our business.

The volume of anti-RIAA mail has made it tough to respond to all of the letters and hard to pick out just a few for posting. So instead, we thought it would be sporting to print some anti-Register mail. In the case of the RIAA, it's much easier to deal with.

Hi A$$lee,

Long time no see. Well actually I've seen so much of your dribble, I try to skip right over most of the garbage.

I find your RIAA story on the 12 year old girl on The Reg today to be quite interesting. Let's take a look at this scenario...

We have a 12 year old girl who is reported to be an honor student, who is downloading a thousand or more copies of music files from KaZaA. And she alleges that because her Mom paid KaZaA a $29.99 service charge, that she believed it was perfectly fine to download this music.


If this honor student can figure out how to log on to KaZaA and download music, then she sure as Hell can read and has surely seen the HUNDREDS of online stories stating that it's illegal to download music from KaZaA and that the RIAA has been suing people for copyright infringement for doing same. And what about Mom??? Anyone with a clue would throw Mom's A$$ in the slammer for promoting theft of copyright protected material and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, that is unless you're completely insane and believe we should teach children to steal early in life so that some day they can be the CEO of Enron or WorldCom.


Talk about irresponsible journalism to support your distorted views of the World... You've elevated yourself to the level of Mike Tyson. Perhaps you should get a lifetime script for Prozac like Mickey???

When enough of these A$$holes pay stiff fines and/or go to jail, then people will start to get the message that just because you don't like copyright laws, doesn't mean you can steal someone else's property.

Have a theft-free day! Your pal,


For the record, Randy sends along a threatening e-mail every week or so. He's one of the more creative flamers out there, and, like the best of them, he loves to make good use of all the keyboard functions he can. He claims to be a high-ranking executive at a major company, but we think he's doing time in between padded walls.


Please, tell me where your house is so I can send in my 12-year-old nephew to pillage it. Obviously you modify your concept of what stealing is based on who does it - so you won't mind returning to your home, freshly looted, if you learn it's only a kid who did it.

- Tim Carter

We provided Tim with the address and easy to follow directions to la casa de Reg. We did, however, request that his nephew wear a bright, orange jacket over his "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.


Journalists are there to report the news, not make it.

Though we all see the same errors with this situation. I do not need to, while trying to read an article on =this= child, wade through your anti-capitalistic class warrior polemics.

Please stick to social commentary and not agenda pushing, it is not becoming of a supposedly fair and balanced publication like the register. I finished the article knowing more about your political and social preferences than I did the facts and story around and behind this girl and the issue at hand. You failed to further the discussion on this issue, and instead became bogged down in irrelevant issue like "where an executive may or may not live".

Stick to the point.


Richard is obviously a regular Register reader. Oh wait, he got the fair and balanced bit confused with Fox. No more TV for you, Richard.

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