Vodafone seeks UK Mobile Gaming Champ

Calling the nation's Kevins and Perrys

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Vodafone is offering the chance to win a holiday in Ibiza and a share of £700 worth of mobile gaming goodies to tempt gamers to participate in what it claims is the world's first mobile games championship.

Ten regional heats running through July, August and September kick off tomorrow at 10am in Glasgow's George Square. All entrants will receive £20 worth of discount vouchers for Vodafone services.

It's all a marketing exercise of course, promoting Vodafone's Live! Arcade games offering.

Each regional champion will win a share of £700 worth of "mobile games goodies", including two Sharp GX-10s - the handsets featured in Vodafone's David Beckham ads. Ten regions, but only two Sharps - that seems a bit unfair on some regional champions. Perhaps the Sharps will go to the two highest-scoring champs, not that Vodafone says so.

All regional winners will be invited to the London-based grand final and the chance to add that Ibiza holiday to their tally of prizes. Rather them than us. They'll even get the chance to meet someone called Aleks Krotoski, who apparently hosts Channel 4's Bits and Thumb Bandits yoof gaming shows. Aleks will be hosting each regional heat:

  • Glasgow, George Square, Thursday 24 July
  • Manchester, The Trafford Centre, Tuesday 12 August
  • Leeds, Millennium Square, Thursday 14 August
  • Nottingham, Market Square, Tuesday 19 August
  • Birmingham, Centenary Square, Monday 25 August
  • London, ECTS, Earl's Court, Thursday 28 August and Friday 29 August
  • Cardiff, Queens Street, Wednesday 3 September
  • Plymouth, The Hoe, Wednesday 10 September
  • Newcastle, Centre for Life, Thursday 18 September
  • Belfast, Botanic Gardens, Thursday 25 September

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