AMD Athlon 64 4300+ to ship Q3 2004

Leaked roadmaps

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AMD's Athlon 64 will hit a performance point of 3700+ during the first quarter of next year before rising to 4300+ by the end of 2004, according to allegedly internal company roadmaps published by French web site x86 Secrets.

The roadmaps show that the Athlon 64 3100+, which will operate at 1.8GHz, is sampling now, and the 2GHz 3400+ will sample in August, as per recent reports.

Athlon 64 is expected to launch at 3100+ and 3400+. AMD's performance calculations are a bit of a moving feast, since it does change benchmarks which it uses to come up with a final performance rating. The 3200+ Athlon XP's rating is based on slightly different benchmarks that previous XPs' rating, for example.

According to the roadmap, AMD will ramp the Athlon 64 to 3700+ early next year. The last 0.13 micron 64, its clock frequency will be 2.4GHz. x86 Secrets says 2.2GHz, but notes AMD makes on other slides suggests the higher of the two frequencies.

Microsoft's 64-bit version of Windows should appear in machines in the same timeframe, the site's slides claim. Both server and client versions of 64-bit Windows 2003 will be released to manufacturing late Q4 2003/early Q1 2004.

The chip that takes the Athlon 64 line to 4300+ (2.8GHz) will be a 90nm part codenamed 'San Diego'. Like the first generation of the 64, 'Clawhammer', San Diego will contain 1MB of on-die L2 cache. It will ship in volume at the start of Q3 2004 at 4000+ (2.6GHz); AMD will begin sampling the chip early Q2 2004.

San Diego has been seen on leaked AMD roadmaps before, as we reported in April here. Earlier roadmaps also listed the 0.13-micron 'Paris' and its 90nm successor, 'Victoria', which are Athlon 64 parts with just 256KB of L2 cache. Both feature on x86 Secrets slides among the desktop processor.

Paris is due to sample early Q4 2004 and go into full production during the same three-month period. Like Clawhammer, it will ship at 3100+ and 3400+. Versions of Victoria running at those clock speeds will appear late Q2/early Q3 2004, along with a 3700+ version (and the 4000+ San Diego). The 4000+ Victoria will ship in the same Q3 2004 timeframe as the 4300+ San Diego.

So AMD appears to be building a performance rating lag between Clawhammer/San Diego and Paris/Victoria, suggesting that the latter are indeed low-end parts. Indeed, Paris will replace the 3100+ Clawhammer in Q1 2004 as the arrival of the 3700+ part pushes the original Athlon 64 in the mid-range PC markets.

Athlon 64 stats included in the roadmaps, the site says, include a core voltage of 1.4-1.55V, and an 89W power consumption rating. The desktop and mobile Athlon 64s shipped this year will operate at 1.5V, as will revision C samples.

Not mentioned by the site is the 90nm uni- to eight-way Opteron, codenamed Athens, which is expected to ship in the same timeframe as San Diego. ®

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