Mac accessory e-tailer hires Yoda as blurb writer

'Be superior in the anti-bacterial going out bad-smelling performance'

Owners of Apple's 12in PowerBook G4 who've become fed up with the notebook's ability to get very hot indeed in the region of its hard drive - underneath the left-hand side of the wrist rest - may be interested in this little offering from online retailer

It appears to be a mat that's fixed onto the wrist rest and offers to end singed-palm misery for good. Or so we guess - it's very difficult to tell from the product's write-up:

"Fusing the material which is superior heat-insulating uses the material and the super superfine origin thread which had self adsorbability. With the appropriate thickness, 1.5mm the stroke impression and feeling good touch heat-insulating compatibility. Do not use the paste and the tape and peel, angle rub cleanly you do not give. To administer also photocatalyst processing, be superior in the anti-bacterial going out bad-smelling performance."

A bizarre translation from an original Far Eastern tongue, we guess, but there's nothing on NewColorShop's site to indicate where it's based, though its Ts&Cs suggest that it operates out of the US. Other product entries, including a kind of roller-skate for G4 towers (makes it easier to move along the floor, apparently) and a screen protector for the 15in PowerBook, seem to be written in English, the language of the customers the site is obviously targeting.

Other gems include:

"When raising Apple Pro Mouse, doesn't the finger slide? Above necessity you don't hold down strongly with the finger? You just hold down, it can raise lightly without sliding on the mouse by pasting the mouse gear of this artificial leather make." (Product: Mouse Gear White)

"Always because it carries about it is, of the cooling PowerBook was thought seriously. Not only cooling efficiency of fin form and cross section, being convenient to conveyance, COOL it is the cooling fin. Even when sticking to PowerBook, itself placing, itself you can use." (Product: 4 degree for 15 PowerBook - a sort of mini notebook stand)


"Note the touch where the personal computer is hard is made to forget. Palm the space of rest the dress is raised. Long eitheruse of time does not become pain. It took a second look also the material, became feeling better." (Product: Wrist Pad for 12in PowerBook)

This last entry gives the game away, we think.'s copywriter is none other than Yoda, no doubt moonlighting from his day job as Jedi Master.

"PowerPC 970 of IBM Power Macs next week you must launch, padwan Steve..." ®

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