Palm Tungsten-T follow-up revealed?

Piccy and spec. posted in China

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Is Palm about to upgrade its ageing Tungsten-T PDA? That's certainly the suggestion made by posters on a Chinese bulletin board dedicated to the device after a piccy of the T's successor, the T2, was uploaded.

According to the site, TomPDA, the T2 will feature 32MB of RAM - up from the T's 16MB - and run Palm OS 5.2, the latest version of the operating system and the first to offer Palm's post-Graffiti handwriting recognition system, Graffiti 2. The T2 also features the same transflective 16-bit colour LCD as the recently launched Zire 71 and Wi-Fi enabled Tungsten-C.

The Tungsten-C massively outpowers the T, with a faster ARM CPU - a 400MHz Intel XScale PXA255 to the T's 144MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 1510 - and 64MB of RAM to the T's 16MB.

The T is only eight months or so old, so it might seem a little soon for an upgrade. However, while the device proved a very strong seller immediately after its launch last October, demand during Q1 2003 was down on expectations. With HP expected to launch a raft of iPaqs this summer, Palm may well feel the time has come to refresh and beef up its mainstream high-end PDA.

The T2 - assuming the picture is an accurate representation of the T's successor; assuming, of course, that there is a follow-up in the works - looks identical to the T. The display in the photo shows a Graffiti 2 icon. Since Graffiti 2 is part of Palm OS 5.2, it's logical to assume that the T2 uses that version of the OS. And since Palm OS 5.2 can support more than 16MB of on-board RAM, we'd say that more memory is obvious too, though 64MB seems more likely than 32MB. We'd suggest a much faster processor too.

In short, what little has been revealed of the device's specs. could easily have been guessed at based on sight of the photo. The photo looks real enough, but photorealism is what Photoshop is all about, so we can't take is a read that it's real. Opinion on the various Palm/PDA-oriented bulletin boards is mixed. You can see the piccy yourself over at PalmInfocenter here. ®


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