£35,186 not spent at DSG – so far

It's like a telethon in reverse

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Marie Griffiths' tale of despair - 'NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from Curry's or Dixons' - has certainly generated heaps of interest from readers.

A number of you pointed out the irony of her blog carrying an ad for Curry's.

"I imagine that they are trying to recoup some of the cost of the loss of business," she quipped.

She's been contacted by stacks of people who have deliberately not bought stuff at DSG stores.

The total just after lunch was a whopping £35,186 - that's £35,186 people haven't spent cash at DSG stores because of the experiences they've had at the hands of the monster electricals outfit.

Needless to say, we're still waiting to hear back from DSG concerning Marie's complaint. ®

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'NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from Curry's or Dixons'

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