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The latest hardware from ViewSonic, Sony and NEC UK

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ViewSonic has launched its first Windows XP Media Center Edition-based PC to support digital video recording.

The NextVision M2000 Digital Media Center packs a 2.8GHz Pentium 4, a 160GB hard drive, 512MB of DDR SDRAM, and more I/O ports - including USB and 1394 - than you can shake a stick at. There's a six-in-one card reader that supports Memory Stick, SD card, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, IBM Microdrive and Multimedia Card formats.

The M2000 ships with a DVD-R/RW burner and CD-RW drive. Users can create DVDs that can be played in consumer DVD players. They can also record direct to DVD from any video input.

Available now, the M2000 costs around $1995, though ViewSonic is currently offering a $100 mail-in rebate.


NEC UK has introduced the Express5800/320Lb-R fault tolerant server. It provides continuous availability with redundant CPU and I/O sub-systems.

The 320Lb-R supports standard Windows 2000 and the forthcoming Windows 2003. For the first time, a member of the Express5800 family is available as a compact rack-mount (4U) system.

The Dual Modular Redundant (DMR) design of the 320Lb-R allows easy replacement of all essential server sub-systems without shutting down the system. Indicator lights provide alerts on the status of each sub-system and confirm successful replacement of hardware components.

The server is based dual Intel Xeon processors and provides an internal storage capacity of 218GB. It includes three free PCI slots and network connectivity with an embedded 10/100/1000 Ethernet.

The Express5800/320Lb-R costs around £25,000.


Sony has announced three new members of its HS LCD monitor line. The new screens, the HS53, HS73 and HS93 measure 15in, 17in and 19in, respectively.

The HS53 has a native resolution of 1024x768; the other two operate at 1280x1024. All three displays offer an enhanced screen brightness (260cd/m2) and contrast ratios of up to 600:1.

Each display is available in a choice of colours: white, anthracite and blue. The HS53 will be available in April, the HS73 in May and the HS93 in June. Sony has yet to set prices. ®


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