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Another reshuffle at Microsoft's PocketPC team has seen lead evangelist Beth Goza redeployed to the Windows division after a turbulent year with Pocket PC marketing.

There's no immediate successor in place, a company spokesperson told us yesterday. Beth was a popular host of the Mobius conference, where grassroots fans sites get to carry away bagfuls of swag, worth up to $1,500 per person in some cases. But rather less popular with many other PPC veterans in the community, and some prominent Soviet-style expulsions followed her succession to the genial evangelist Derek Brown. (Brown was credited with giving PocketPC some momentum after a rocky start, and had even won the respect of Microsoft's rivals). Although some old timers remain, to world+dog it looks like a viper's nest of backbiting.

But Beth's claim to fame may well be as author of the worst blog of all time, "b." which our friend Doc Searls plugged a few times after he'd been invited to speak at the Mobius Conference. Containing such banalities as "just for the record i like it when my foods touch" and "why all the fuss about grammar and rules? i dunno. do u?" this inspired a rather mean spirited parody by an anonymous satirist.

(It would be equally mean to point out that speaking at the Mobius conference has commanded a five-figure fee in the past, so er, we won't).

Late last year Beth married the avowedly lowercase "phil torrone" of ad agency Fallon - a chap who once complained that he was quoted in the press using standard capitalization, and not the lowercase style which he regards as his "brand", according to scuttlebutt. And if that isn't strange enough, the pair are celebrity Segway owners. No, we're not making this up.

Bootnote: Parody begat parody. Our earlier story about the "b." satire provoked this FoTW which unleashed a chain of events ending with this. Clearly, some very strange vibes abound.

I'm going to eat some precautionary garlic.®

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