Win a Reg t-shirt with VCISP.NET

Prize draw for new Vulture Capitalists

We've decided to spread a bit of Xmas cheer down at VCISP.NET and give all new sign ups between now and 31 December the chance to win a Reg t-shirt.

All new customers will go into the hat and the first ten lucky Vulture Capitalists picked at random on 1 January will be able to choose either a Reg minilogo or a "Register London" t-shirt. Full details of both can be found at Cash'n'Carrion.

You'll be eligible for the draw regardless of which of our service packages you select, but we'd like to draw your attention to our ADSL Connect deal. Those of you looking to get a bit of broadband into your lives could do worse than check out this self-install package which comes in at £25.99 per month.

And if you want to know what existing customers think of VCISP.NET, you can log on as a guest to our user forums for the unexpurgated truth. ®

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