MS defiles NYC with with killer-bee adverts

Company apologizes

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Updated New Yorkers are complaining about a flood of butterfly advertising decals being pasted to every available surface in town to promote MSN-8, the New York Times reports.

The NY decals tie into another ad featuring the silhouette of a ghastly adult male with ludicrous antennae reminiscent of the "Killer Bee" skits from Saturday Night Live, and creepy, superhero gloves, with colorful 'butterfly' wings. The slogan reads, "It's better with the Butterfly".

No doubt it's meant to be attractive, but it strikes me as demonic enough in appearance to frighten small children. In any event, the city is far from amused and has ordered the company to remove the offending images.

Speaking on behalf of subway riders, Transportation Department assistant counsel Cesar Fernandez wrote to MS that "we intend to hold your firm directly responsible for this illegal, irresponsible and dangerous defacing of public property."

The ads are the brainchild of McCann-Erickson. Through its PR interpreter, Waggener Edstrom, MS told the Times that they had obtained permits for the graffiti stickers but would not specify which municipal office had authorized them.


Late Friday MS apologized for using public property as an advertising platform, the Associated Press reports. "We apologize to the City of New York and the people of New York City," the wire service quotes vice president for MSN Personal services and business Yusuf Mehdi as saying. The company has not explained why it's apologizing for something it claimed to have permits to do. The city has fined MS $50.00 for its inconsiderate behavior. ®

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