BT broadband barometer shows faulty readings

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BT's broadband registration system - designed to map demand for broadband in areas currently not wired up for ADSL - has had to fend off some flak since it was launched at the beginning of the month.

Those who've tried to use the system claim it's cumbersome and clunky and fails to show the updates.

A spokesman for BT Wholesale told The Register that the service hasn't lived up to expectations.

"We freely admit that we've had teething troubles. In hindsight, we launched the service too soon," he said.

While BT is working on improving the service, part of the problem lies with ISPs which have failed to update the system.

It might seem a bit long-winded, but to register their interest in an exchange users have to register their interest first with an ISP, which, in turn, notifies BT Wholesale.

This is why there is a delay to changes made to the database when people register their interest in broadband.

But in some cases, ISPs haven't been passing on the details at all.

BT wouldn't say which ISPs had failed to be co-operative.

However, Freeserve - the UK's biggest ISP - admits it's not taken part so far because it's been unhappy with the system.

The ISP told The Register: "We are currently working with BT on the mechanics of their pre-registration scheme and we expect to be offering a solution to customers who wish to pre-register for Freeserve in areas where broadband isn't currently available shortly."

Anyways, BT is still committed to making the system work and is even planning a nationwide advertising campaign to promote the service.

One to watch. ®

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