Gigabyte fixes GA-81RXP boot problem

And sends us letter

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Recently we wrote about the problems experienced by
users who tried to overclock Gigabyte's GA-81RXP mobo (Gigabyte GA-81RXP: overclocker's nightmare). Despite a number of BIOS revisions post-launch, a couple designed specifically to fix this bug, many users continued to report boot problems.

Following our article, Gigabyte contacted us to tell us it was working on resolving the issue. Yesterday, it sent us this letter. Note the date (we already had a copy, but held fire): we guess that Gigabyte wanted to make sure the fix worked.

Gigabyte Addresses GA-8IRXP Motherboard Overclocking Issue

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (April 19, 2002) – Giga-Byte Technology announced today that it has addressed concerns arising from an overclocking issue with its Award Winning GA-8IRXP model mainboard. The announcement follows comments reported to Giga-Byte’s technical support, and newsgroups of experiencing difficulty using the product after overclocking the CPU voltage. In addition, Gigabyte has thanked users for bringing the matter to its attention, and apologized for any inconveniences.

Gigabyte has identified the cause of the problem as being the order in which code is executed in the BIOS. This occasionally leads to operating difficulties when users manually raise the processor voltage beyond recommended specifications. To resolve this issue, Giga-Byte is recommending users download a new version of the BIOS (version F7) from its website at the following address: GA-8IRXP BIOS v.F7 URL. The support section of the website also provides instructions for installing the updated BIOS. Furthermore, customers are encouraged to check the online FAQ, and support, or contact customer service if they ever encounter difficulties using Gigabyte products.

The GA-8IRXP motherboard, featuring the Intel® 845 chipset, ATA133 RAID, and USB 2.0 support, was launched earlier this year, has since picked up numerous of awards and critical acclaim from editors and industry insiders around the world for its overall design and innovative features. ®


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