Police arrest 25 members of child porn ring

10 Countries, serious abusers

Police have arrested 25 members of a Net child porn ring in 10 countries. The haul includes proven real-life abusers as well as traffickers of pornography, which is very unusual, according to the Danish police who led the investigation. Thirty five children have also been identified, all of whom had been sexually abused.

The case kicked off last November, when Danish police arrested a couple, after a tip-off from Swedish police
who had found pictures of a man raping an 11-year old girl posted on a Web site. The man was wearing a shirt with the logo of a Danish company.

Arrests were made in the US, with two people picked up in San Diego, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland and Germany. Arrests were also made in four other European countries, which the police declined to name.

The full story can be found at Ananova. ®

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