MS judge in shock MSWord to WordPerfect defection

No change in Adobe hatred yet recorded

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In among yesterday's procedural and admin discussion from the Microsoft trial lurks a minor triumph for the non-Microsoft camp which we hope will go a little way to helping Michael Cowpland, formerly of Corel, pay off some of his fines. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kottelly (for it is she) is arranging her daily delivery of documentation from the warring parties:

"THE COURT: In Word. We don't want Acrobat. That doesn't work. Let me consult over there."

A shockingly biased judgment on Adobe software there; we begin to worry about the good judge's impartiality. And until relatively recently it would be practically unthinkable for someone in the legal professional to favour Word.

But later in the day, the judge has had a change of heart:

"THE COURT: After consultation with chambers, I've been told that WordPerfect is the easiest for all of us to use.

"We have Word, WordPerfect, and Acrobat, but the one that's easiest to manipulate is WordPerfect for the CD-ROMs." There you go, Corel, a testimonial from a famous judge. Shove it in the ads - "WordPerfect for the CD-ROMs!" ®

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