Court rules against

Adios Amigo (or Catalan equivalent)

A Spanish travel site is considering an appeal against a US court's decision to strip it of its domain name.

The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia upheld an earlier ruling ordering the owners of had to hand over the domain to the Barcelona City Council.

According to the ruling, the owners of made a "thinly veiled attempt to demand money from the City Council in return for the domain name".

They also "grossly exaggerated the value of the business prospects".

As a result, was ordered to transfer the domain name to the city council "forthwith".

Despite the ruling those behind are toying with the idea of continuing their legal fight.

"We're looking at our options," said Dan Evans of

"The sensible thing would be to appeal – but it all comes down to money," he said. has now changed its domain to

Separately, the German Government has won a two year legal battle to win the right to use the domain ®

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