Dell readies 1.2GHz C400 ultra-portable

Latitude line to be updated

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Updated Dell today announced the Latitude C400 notebook, with prices starting at $2,400. We obtained a leaked copy of the spec and wrote the story below on Friday. Obviously, the launch date is wrong - it would be nice to think that our piece brought forward the announcement - but we're not that big-headed!

Dell is prepping the follow up for its thin-and-light Latitude L400 notebook with the C400 - designed to set "the new standard in Dell ultraportable design", according to unpublished company bumf. The launch date is pencilled for 27 November, The Register understands.

There's no point calling up Dell yet - tech support staff haven't been fully briefed on the machine yet - but here's the gen, as our sources tell us.

The C400 is expected to be based on Intel Pentium III-M processors - the 0.13 micron Tualatin die-shrink - running at 866MHz or 1.2GHz, connected via a 133MHz frontside bus and containing 512KB of on-die L2 cache. The machine will ship with a base 128MB of PC133 RAM, expandable up to 1GB. Dell will offer 10, 20 and 30GB hard drive options.

The C400 will sport a 12.1in 1024x768 TFT display. The AGP 2x/4x graphics are provided through Intel's integrated 830M chipset, which grabs a portion of the main system memory - up to 32MB of it - for its own frame and texture buffer RAM. The 830M is capable of driving an external 1600x1200 32-bit display.

Communications are provided through built in 10/100 Ethernet and 56Kbps modem ports. The C400 will also be offered with an optional internal mini-PCI TrueMobile 1150 wireless card. There's also an IrDA port on the back.

Snapshots of the beast suggest the C400 will ship in a curvy metallic silver-style case. At the back is a dock port that will hook the notebook up to Dell's current line of C-series docking stations. Unlike other C-series Latitude's the C400 will not include a PS2 or a parallel port - if you use either of those, you'll need a dock.

We've yet to hear C400 pricing details, but all should be revealed on November 27. ®

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