Burning CPUs, crispy ATI issues

The fun continues

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HWRoundup ATI's All-in-Wonder 8500DV graphics card is delayed due to complications surrounding its earlier Radeon 8500 product, which provides the core for the new card. ATI is now promising pre-Christmas delivery. Anandtech met ATI to find out what's going on with the product which welds TV tuning, video capture, Firewire support and more.

Staying with ATI, Tech Report has a


into the

issues surrounding its driver tweaking

to make Quake III produce fast frame rates. And wonders if it matters.


is building a hard drive reliability database, based on its readership's experiences. It passed its first milestone by completing an analysis engine which devours all the entries and spits out some meaningful information.

AMD Zone

takes a look at nVidia's nForce chipset and is mostly impressed, bar a couple issues with its lack of DDR333 and Firewire support.

Electic Tech

has new drivers for the chipset (version 1.24 for Win XP/2000/9x/ME) available for download.

Extreme Tech provides a

great series of articles on Perl

, highlighting a programming language that tends to get forgotten in the C# and Java hype, but is a reliable solution for automating repetitive tasks, slapping together quick solutions to problems and other good things.

Tom's Hardware Guide

is profiling the AMD Athlon XP 1900+, featuring another AMD man in full bunny-suit and arriving at the same conclusion as others: P4 killer.

A while back, the site produced

a video punishing a variety of chips

by removing heat sinks and seeing just what happens. AMD later replied, attacking the results and now

VIA Hardware

has a video discovering what happens to a VIA C3 and Celeron chip when you turn off the fridge.

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