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Yesterday we did Intel - now it's the other lot's turn

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Updated In the event, AMD made only one price cut yesterday, dropping the top-end Athlon XP 1800+ from $252 to $223, a fall of 12 per cent. Not much, you might think, but presumably sufficient in AMD's view to pitch the part against Intel's mid-range Pentium 4s.

AMD also trimmed its Duron prices a little and dropped some T'bird Athlons.
Once again, the prices quoted are AMD's official numbers, based on volume purchases of 1000 chips. Street prices for boxed processor are likely to be somewhat lower, so there's really no need to let us know that you can get them for less on CheapAsChips.com. ®

CPU Price
Athlon XP - 0.18 micron 'Palomino'
1800+ (1.53GHz) $223
1700+ (1.47GHz) $190
1600+ (1.40GHz) $160
1500+ (1.33GHz) $130
Athlon - 0.18 micron 'Thunderbird'
1.40GHz - 200/266MHz FSB $125
1.33GHz - 266MHz FSB $125
1.30GHz - 200MHz FSB $125
Duron - 0.18 micron 'Morgan'
1.1GHz $89
1.0GHz $74
Duron - 0.18 micron 'Spitfire'
950MHz $69
CPU Price
Athlon 4 - 0.18 micron 'Palomino'
1.1GHz $425
1.0GHz $290
950MHz $260
900MHz $230
850MHz $195
Duron - 0.18 micron 'Palomino'
900MHz $130
850MHz $100
800MHz $90
CPU Price
Athlon MP 'Palomino'
1800+ (1.53GHz) $302
1600+ (1.40GHz) $210
1500+ (1.33GHz) $180
1.2GHz $175
1.0GHz $165

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