Salmon Days: Speeds and Feeds

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As of 10am this morning, 28,296 people have seen the trailer for Salmon Days, our BOFH-inspired live-action comedy epic, which went live last Thursday.

This is, we are told, a huge number in the UK world of video streaming. We think it's a nice start.

The trailer will stay up for another couple of weeks, so if you were unable to get in to see it on Thursday (when the servers buckled under the weight of traffic) try again for bridled swearing, violence, nudity and English accents.

Also we have received reports of a bizarre, but intermittent, problem, in which people trying to reach salmondays.tv are instead redirected to a page advertising .tv domain registration. Our techies have contacted the .tv registrar. If it happens again, please let us know. Alternatively, you could hop straight to the actual IP address of the site


So far, comments for the SalmonDays.tv trailer have been overwhelmingly positive (although some people really didn't like it). And yes guys, we are sorting out credit card options as a matter of urgency.

Today I am picking up on three emails, chosen because they took me personally by surprise.

First of all, Joe Harrison.

It looks like there's a live fish gasping around out of water right at the end, is this actually a real fish and if so what are you up to as this is no way to treat animals, is it?

No it isn't, Joe. The fish were very dead, and were bought dead from a London fishmonger. Readers, if you want to know more about fish, we suggest you take a gander for the other Salmon Days. This is salmondays.com, the official site for the Issaquah fish festival.

Ian Wellock

thinks the Salmon Days site (ours)

"looks as though it was built by a clinically insane four-year-old. I mean, it *really* sucks. Do yourselves, and us, a favour -- get a blind man to build the next one..."

Ouch. These days most desktop OSes are designed to look like browsers: Salmon Days turns this notion on its head, with a site which looks like a PC desktop. We call this retro-irony: Ian calls this crap.




reader, who admires the


, (

"a company committed to providing highvalue-add, accurate and well-researched content."

) is very cross with us, and doesn't think much of our readers either.

"I do not believe that you have the audacity to slag off a subscription based web model and within days attempt to launch a poxy broadband show called Salmondays...and then expect people to pay for it!

"Pot calling the kettle black and all that!

"Still 25p a week sounds very reasonable and I feel sure that the stupidity of a vast proportion of your readers may well produce a few gullible fools."

Oi! Leave our readers alone.

As it happens, we have no quarrels with web-based subscription models - it was the451.com's IT newswire subscription model, allied to an inappropriate cost base, that we took issue with. The451.com has been through the mill recently, but it is still alive, with a slimmed-down staff. We wish it well in the future. ®

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