Quantum counter-sues Imation

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Quantum has taken up legal cudgels against Imation in response to its rival's anti-trust suit.

The storage vendor filed a court order yesterday intended to stop the Imation from selling unqualified tape media for use in DLTtape drives.

The suit charges Imation with "extreme and pervasive" misappropriation of trade secrets, deceptive and misleading advertising, and unfair business practises.

An email sent from Quantum CEO Andrew Brown to all employees on Tuesday (which The Register has seen) denied all Imation charges, comparing the allegations that it is "an illegal tape cartel" to a Tom Clancy novel - pure fiction.

The idea of Quantum running an illegal cartel in the midst of one of the most competitive industries in the world (computer hardware) is "insulting to everyone's intelligence," he said.

According to Brown Imation now plans to sell unqualified (sic) DLTtape media "after failing to be qualified and certified in our standard licensing program." (DLTtape is a registered Quantum trademark and technology.)

Brown assured his flock that Quantum has no intention of letting Imation succeed in "this outrageous attempt to enter the market by misusing all the help we provided in a qualification effort, stealing our intellectual property and refusing to pay quantum a royalty".

The lawsuit filed by Imation, alleging violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act, is for $150 million (which would be trebled under Antitrust law to a minimum of $450 million.) In the suit, it has published an email from a Quantum exec (see earlier story on this here), which Imation has labelled as a "special arrangement" for it to join a "Quantum-led cartel."

Imation made a separate announcement on Monday that it will introduce a Digital Linear Tape IV data cartridge, compatible with various DLTtape drives, dubbed "Black Watch."

The press release makes much mention of how the product is "Imation-Certified" and how it offers a "reliable alternative to today's Quantum-qualified DLTtape brands." This is the unqualified media that Brown highlights in his mail, and which he is now seeking to stop the sale of.

At time of writing, Imation had not posted any response to Quantum's latest move on its site.

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