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Tulloch, Brookdale details; 533MHz FSB P4s and more

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Updated With the 2GHz Pentium 4 nicely launched, Intel's attention will now turn to its successor, the 0.13 micron die-shrink codenamed Northwood, due to ship in November at 2GHz and 2.2GHz.

Boxed versions of the new CPUs will follow hard on the heels of the OEM releaseas, according to channel roadmaps see by The Register. Said roadmaps also detail Intel's plans for its mobo products over the next six months or so, and we've added these to our release schedule, below.

In the meantime, further price cuts are expected on 28 October:

·2.0GHz P4 - $401, -29%
·1.9GHz P4 - $274, -27%
·1.8GHz P4 - $225, -12%
·1.7GHz P4 - $193
·1.6GHz P4 - $163
·1.5GHz P4 - $133
·1.4GHz P4 - $133
·1.3GHz P4 - $133

·1.2GHz PIII - $241, -10%
·1.13GHz PIII - $193, -14%
·1.10GHz PIII - $225, -7%

The 2.2GHz 0.13 micron P4 is expected to debut at $615, the 2GHz version at $562.

October will see the official end of the boxed 800MHz Celeron and the boxed 700MHz Mobile Celeron, following on from the recent death of the boxed 933MHz and 1GHz Pentium III Xeon server processors.

Looking ahead, we've received some more information on the upcoming Brookdale and Tulloch chipsets, both of which we now learn will support the upcoming 533MHz Pentium 4 frontside bus. That suggests to us that next year's 0.13 micron P4s - those that will ship at over 2.4GHz, anyway - will be use this new FSB speed, since their launch coincides with these chipsets.

Brookdale and Tulloch are expected to drive Intel's promotion of USB 2.0.

The roadmap:

November/December 2001

·2.0, 2.2GHz Pentium 4 - 0.13 micron Northwood, 512KB L2, 400MHz FSB

Q4 2001

·Mobo: D850MV - ATX, RDRAM, Socket 478
·Mobo: D850MD - micro ATX, RDRAM, Socket 478
·Mobo: D845HV - micro ATX, PC133, Socket 478
·Mobo: D845WN - ATX, PC133, Socket 478
·Mobo: Englewood - micro ATX, PC133, Socket 370

Q1 2002

·1.3GHz Celeron - 0.13 micron Tualatin, 256KB L2, 100MHz FSB
·Chipset: i845D - DDR200 (PC1600) support
·Mobo: Billings - ATX, PC2100 DDR, Socket 478
·Mobo: Pendleton - micro ATX, DDR, Socket 478

Q2 2002

·2.4GHz Pentium 4 - 0.13 micron Northwood, 512KB L2, 400MHz FSB
·1.4GHz Celeron - 0.13 micron Tualatin, 100MHz FSB, 256KB L2

Q3 2002

·2.4GHz+ Pentium 4 - 0.13 micron Northwood, 512KB L2, 400/533MHz FSB
·Chipset: Tulloch - single and dual-channel PC800 RDRAM support - 400/533MHz FSB
·Chipset: Brookdale-G - PC133 and PC2700 DDR support - 400/533MHz FSB - integrated 32-bit colour 3D graphics engine


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