Trust Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter 100V

Wireless Networking Kit

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Review Our homes are gradually filling up with a multitude of entertainment systems and computer devices. While this is welcome, the cables they require are not. Getting devices to communicate without cumbersome cabling not only eases installation it also makes for a tidier house. Trust's wireless kit is designed for precisely this purpose.

The set consists of a transmitter, which plugs into a DVD player, video recorder or set-top box, and a receiver that connects to a TV or plasma screen. If your PC has TV-out, you can connect it up to that - useful if your PC resides in a separate room.

Setting up is refreshingly simple. Once everything is up and running you can transmit pictures to a television anywhere in your house. The kit comes with RCA connections, but Scart converters are included, making it compatible with most modern video and DVD players. However, not all televisions, especially cheaper models, have Scart inputs, so you may have to shell out extra on a RF (radio frequency) adaptor.

Trust claims the device works at a maximum range of 100m. While we couldn't verify this, we found the kit worked seamlessly up to 35m. Wireless transmissions are susceptible to interference, however we experienced no picture or sound degradation, even when sending the signal through a two-storey house.

You can use your existing remote control with the wireless kit thanks to the infrared extender, although you have to be quite good with your aim to get it to work successfully.

The wireless kit suitably impressed us, though the price tag of £80 may seem expensive for what is little more than an accessory. However, if you have a specific need for such a device in your home, then it should at least work out cheaper than installing new cabling. ®


Price: £80
Contact: 0800 328 0261
Website: www.trust.com


2.4-2.48GHz frequency range
Infrared extender
100m claimed working distance (video/audio)
50m claimed working distance (infrared/adjustable antenna)
Two Scart and minijack adapter


Build quality: 8
Features: 7
Value for money: 7
Overall: 7

All details correct at time of publication.

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