Nvidia to launch GeForce 3 MX on Friday?

And GeForce 3 Ultra, Pro on Monday?

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Nvidia will be having a busy weekend, if information leaked to Web site M3D Zone proves accurate. The graphics company will launch the GeForce 3 MX on Friday, 24 August, followed by the GeForce 3 Ultra on Monday, 27 August.

The site's source claims the MX part - the cut-down, low-power version of its mainstream GeForce 3 part - will sport a 175MHz clock speed and a 200MHz DDR memory clock. It will ship in fan-equipped and fanless versions.

The Ultra part - which might ship as the GeForce 3 Pro instead - will also ship in two versions, both with a 240MHz GPU, but one with a 250MHz DDR memory clock, the other with a 260MHz DDR memory clock. Come to think of it, the first part might be the Pro, the second the Ultra version of the GeForce 3.

That Nvidia is working on the chips should come as no surprise, but perhaps the specifications and such precise release dates should be taken with a pinch of salt. Certainly Nvidia needs to win take the spotlight off ATI and the Radeons 7500 and 8500 - its own Ultra 2 Go having largely failed to take the shine off the ATI launch - and with a busy 2001 release schedule in place, it's easy for Nvidia to bring a launch or two forward.

Ship dates are another matter, of course, so don't necessarily expect product to follow hard on the heels of a launch. ®

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