Mac OS X 10.1 leaks confirm speed bump

Less bounce to the ounce

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Three versions of the long-awaited Puma upgrade to Mac OS X - version 10.1 - appear to be in circulation, according to BetaNews, and some fairly authoritative reports confirm that the speed improvements demonstrated by Steve Jobs at Macworld Expo New York are very real*.

Accelerate Your Mac has the most detailed examination here, and reports that application 'bounce' for big applications such as IE and iTunes is down to one from five. Quake frame rates are up between 12 and 26 per cent over the 10.0.4 release on the same hardware, and even the boot time has been reduced. All the reports enthuse that the Finder is now much more responsive.

DVD playback is still missing from the beta, according to some reports, although it is expected to make the final cut. The Puma upgrade features a host of UI improvements - including a fix for the feature that really drives us nuts, truncated file names. Apple has a gallery online < A HREF="http://www.apple.com/macosx/newversion/" target="_blank"> here.

Apple says it will deliver the Puma release in September, and yesterday produced much demanded documentation for the earlier releases, here.

Finally, we note that the manual for the new QuickSilver G4s - or 'QuickHoover' is more appropriate given the noise the new beasts generate - features OS X as the default UI for the system, with OS 9 configuration given only a couple of sidebars. ®

*Would this man lie to you?

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