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Tiny Computers has managed to bag itself the latest fashion accessory for the 21st Century - a gang of cyber-protestors.

The unhappy ex-customers collect on Web pages that outline the story of "Mr Watkinson", who bought a Pentium 166 system from Tiny in 1996. He has since been desperate to get his gripes with the high street retailer out in the open.

His is a sorry and lengthy tale of Tiny cock-ups and hold-ups entitled: "Chapter 1 - The Nightmare Begins....".

The site has grown to include around 400 comments from similarly unhappy Tiny shoppers, all venting their spleen over Tiny's customer service. These have either been nabbed from newsgroups, or were sent to Watkinson by readers of the site.

A rummage through them uncovers headings such as: "Tiny are sh*t", "A fellow sufferer", and "Tiny the terrible".

All of which must please Mr Wilkinson, who was sadly incommunicado yesterday.

"I very much enjoy getting emails from people saying how this page has deterred them from buying a Tiny PC," he states on the site.

"It's most gratifying to know that I have cost them more than they have cost me!"

A Tiny representative described the site as "just a sign of the times, really...Any big company will have a complaints site set up."

When asked if such corners of cyberspace would deter the UK public from shopping at Tiny, she replied: "No, not at all. Tiny sells more PCs to the home market than anyone else in the UK."

"This is not going to solve anything....If customers are unhappy, they should contact Tiny direct." ®

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