Agere ditches USB 2.0 chip development

It's not looking too popular

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Agere is ditching the USB 2.0 chip market and intends to ramp up production of 1394b chip products.

The move means the communications chip maker is ending production of the USS-2000 host controller and USS2X1 transceiver chips.

Jack Keller, general manager of the computer unit of Agere Systems, said: "This 1394 product decision is an example of Agere re-directing its product development efforts to the company's most promising market opportunities."

It obviously doesn't think much of USB 2.0's future. The decision echoes the sentiments of VIA president and CEO Wenchi Chen. In June, at the Computex tradeshow in Taiwan, he said: "Our message to partners is if together we can make this [USB 2.0] disappear, the better it will be for us."

Agere plans to continue offering its USB 1.1 and 1394a products. ®

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