Flat panel price hunt uncovers £235 display

Looks like a long summer of price slashing

Following our story on £299 flat panel displays hitting the high street, courtesy of PC World, Register readers scoured the Web looking for better deals.

At £299, flat panel displays are likely to take-off as a mass market purchase.

Best price around seems to be online player Insight which is punting out the Medion 14.1-incher for £234.99. Medion is the no-name brand which budget supermarket Aldi occasionally sells. Insight had 159 screens in stock when we checked.

Morgans is also selling 14.1-inch Princeton displays for £199 ex VAT, matching Insights £234.99.

Prior to bringing the price down to £299, PC World had previously been selling 14.1-ich flat panels for £349. A 14.1-inch TFT gives you slight more visible screen than a 15-inch CRT.

How these prices compares to the US isn't too great. Over there, Access Micro is selling a Zeus 15-inch TFT monitors for $319. Even with shipping to the UK it looks a pretty good price.

But we don't have a clue how good these displays are. As always, you get what you pay for. ®

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