Iomart director has links with grant-giving agency

'No conflict of interest'

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A director of Scottish broadband outfit Iomart, is also a director of the regional development agency that granted £700,000 financial aid to the company.

Neil Finlayson is Technical Director at Iomart. He is also a board member of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, which made two grants totalling more than £700,000 to the company in 1999 and 2000.

Finlayson was a director at Iomart and HIE when the grants were made, a spokesman for HIE confirmed today.

The HIE spokesman said: "There is no conflict of interest in Mr Finlayson's position as a director of iomart and HIE.

"He was not involved in any of the decision-making regarding the grant," the spokesman said.

No one from Iomart was available for comment by press time. ®

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