Burnley FC doesn't need Time Computers' cash

Or green logo on its claret and blue strip

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Burnley Football Club has got itself a sponsor. This is good news because it played the entire 2000/01 season without a major sponsor because it wouldn't put Time Computers' logo on its famous claret and blue strip.

This wasn't down to any ethical reasons, the club just didn't like the green logo of Burnley based Time. The two parties didn't see eye-to-eye over money either.

In a statement announcing the new sponsor, Burnley FC said it took the stance to play a season without a major sponsor "to wait for the most appropriate deal to enhance the successful Burnley brand."

In the end Burnley played 10 games with the clubs URL, www.burnleyfootballclub.com, on its strip to boost traffic to the site.

The club, which finished in seventh place in the first division this season, is now sponsored by another computer reseller. Lanway Corporate Business Systems is paying a six-figure sum over two years for the deal.

If you want to wear the Burnley shirt adorned by the Lanway crest, it'll cost you from £31.99 to £39.99. But the strip sounds very stylish. The press release says: "The new home shirt has a modern feel with the traditional claret and blue styling. The shirt features a popular crew neck in blue with claret trim, and, for the first time, the shirt incorporates a breathable mesh panels to eliminate perspiration to the body and performing enhanced fabric for rapid moisture transfer giving quick dry comfort and soft feel finish. The shorts are white with claret trim and to complement the kit white socks will feature with claret and blue trim"

Time went on to sponsor Blackburn Rovers in the 2000/01 season. Blackburn, a bitter rival of Burnley, got promoted to the Premiership which means Time will get better exposure for its sponsorship, but its going to cost it a lot more.

We understand sponsorship of first division clubs costs around £250,000 a season rising to £500,000 in the case of better-supported clubs, such as Blackburn. This figure skyrockets when a team reaches the top flight. Ipswich, which after promotion only last season has booked its place in Europe next year, has just signed a £7 million three-year deal with new technology firm TXU Energi. ®

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