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Specs tacular

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HWRoundup The hardware sites have gone high-end and put Intel's Itanium through its paces.

Aces Hardware has news on the spec and some benchmarks, and also some news on the Nv Crush Northbridge chipset over here

IntelZone has kicked loose with some top dope on the CPU here.

Elsewhere the Itanium scored pretty well in some performance testing, so have a look here for some benchmarks and results.

Did you know ATI's not dead? To prove it Anand's running an


on its TruForm Technology.

At the AMD Mobile launch in London this month I spoke to VIA about the launch of the NEW P4 DDR platform - this will happen thanks to the licence that S3 currently holds with Intel (all chipsets for the next 10 years...). We're not sure what Intel will make of that. The Inquirer has news on a dual VIA SMP TBird platform read more



Aces Hardware has posted a review of the

SIS635T chipset

. This is designed for a 0.13 Micron P3 the Tualatin.

AMDZone has reviewed the FIC Az11EA motherboard, this is a KT133A based mainboard as an 'update' to the


Check it out


We can thank AMDZone for pointing us to this CNET article, Compaq and IBM aren't going to use the Athlon 760MP and 2P platforms for their servers...

VIAHardware has posted a

VIA686B bug FAQ

. The chipset has given a pain in the bum to a few people.

Here's a worthy entry. Tweak3D has published a detailed and useful

how to setup and install servers guide


Voodoo Extreme is by far the biggest independent games news site - it's run into a little controversy over some alleged



There's been a lot of talk about Geforce 3s in Hardware land. HotHardware pores over the Visiontek


. And Hexus has a look at the Hercules Prophet



Meanwhile HardOCP takes a look at the Geforce 2 MX400. ®


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