DfEE needs to learn about Web sites

UK govt thinks consultants are full of hot air

Updated The Department for Education and Employment needs to learn a thing or two about Web sites. Specifically, how to build them without putting templates live on the Web.

If you were to visit the department's consultations Web site, you may leave confused and empty-handed as most of the page appears to consist of the word "blah".

Whether this is a comment on what the UK govt thinks of consultants, we can't be sure. And if this page is up, you have to ponder how many hundreds of others are viewable. You'd also have to question the management of the government's Web site.

We all know government Web sites are behind schedule, over budget and less practical than they should be. Perhaps it hopes to meet the 2005 deadline for all government services online by simply putting up pages of gibberish.

Who'd be behind that one? The e-minister, the e-envoy, the e-nough? ®


Well things are going on at the DfEE site. The blah blah blah has turned into "test test test". Sooner of later, it may even display some real content. If you fancy a laugh, check out this one too.

The DfEE's blah blah blah page

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