Channel stuffed with accreditations

Vendor obsession

Imagine a scenario - that you are a telco-focused reseller flogging Linux into the Enterprise space. Yesterday could have been a bloody expensive day for you, with three big-name companies debuting new channel accreditations. More programmes means more training, means more expense - hoops to jump through before clawing back all those promised vendor benefits.

And so to the schemes.

HP has launched a Solution Provider programme targeting ISP, broadband and mobile providers. It's all very exciting, as you can read here.

Enterasys Networks, the bit of Cabletron that competes with Cisco, is redoubling efforts to pump up resellers sales through a channel programme. Operational worldwide, the four (!)tier accreditation scheme is designed to make it easier for resellers to deal with Enterasys. Higher margins are promised too.

Caldera has merged its SCO and Caldera channel accreditation schemes. Guess what, the new prog represents the best of both worlds. Read the press release here. Sign up here.

The Reg has a reseller channel of its own. We call it
Channel Flannel. You can reach it from the front page - there's no joining up fee, no accreditation criteria - but plenty of reseller stories.

We also supply channel news to Microsoft Partner, a site for UK resellers.

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